Writing here:

The AniMail: A blog I created during my PhD which satirises current events with comparisons to the natural world.

Science in Society: What happens at the boundary between academic science and society? Thoughts on academia, statistics and science in current events.

RDRR: Coding discussions and custom solutions (R, Bash, Python).

Writing elsewhere:

The Royal Institution“From the lab to the front page”

  • An account of my three months with the Royal Institution’s media department for the Christmas Lectures 2016, and why I think it’s important for scientists to engage with the general media.

The Naked Scientists“Fox hunting: a review of the evidence”

  • An evaluation of published research on the efficacy of ‘the hunt’ in managing fox populations in England and Wales. I wrote this article in 2015 when the government was debating changing the laws surrounding fox hunting.Naked Scientists.png

The Naked Scientists“Trick or Treat!”

  • A tongue-in-cheek comparison between children dressing up on Halloween and examples of batesian and mullerian mimicry from the animal kingdom.Naked Scientists.png